Our focus is, and always will be, on eSports, one of the most robust industries dominating the business field as of now, having proven to be unshakable by pandemics, riots, or anything you can throw at it. Combining our eSports direction with our P2P betting platform, you can expect a significant distinction between our platform and similar ones, as we intend to utilize our combination of features, social engagement, and all our arsenal, into giving you a true betting experience.


Peer-to-peer Betting

Bet against your equal peers without worrying about any middle-man procedures.

Provably fair and Unbreakable

We won’t tamper with any results. Everything that happens on the platform is automated, and neutral.

Easy to Use

We have one of the simplest, easy to use user interface, designs. Your experience will be a smooth scailing.

Constantly Updating

We’re constantly updating and improving our platform. Expect cool features to be consistently implemented!

Chat Rooms

Chat with fellow betting gamers! Discuss and analyse tournaments and run speculations together

Ready to join the adventure?

Video games, specifically eSports, have continued to prove how significant, and large, they are becoming. Especially with the pandemic that shook the world in the beginning of 2020. People rallied towards eSports, and it proved to be one of the unshakable businesses, that no matter what the world was going through, it succeeded to prevail. This is where we, DMScript, come into the picture.

We believe it’s about time for gaming to rise and shine in the Crypto world. And we’re confident it will be one heck of a ride for all of us towards the future of this industry.