Everyone is cheering for you. You’re on a hot streak, the enemy team is flocking away from your direction, terrified just from the sound of your character. You’re on your way to claim your victory with your allies marching right behind your back, and then suddenly… you disconnect.

We have a fix that’s on the way. DMFast, made for those barred away from victory because of a terrible internet connection. We optimize your internet connection to ensure a far more stable, and more secure connection that is tailored to your gaming experience, ensuring that your victory will never be interrupted by a poor connection or bad configuration.


Real-Time Optimization

Get consistent updates to your connection so that it’s always secure, and constantly optimized, with zero interruptions.

No Packet Loss

Packet loss is when your connection is poorly optimized that it literally “spills” bandwidth all over the place. Preventing packet loss ensures a smooth sailing for your online gaming experience.


Check your ping before you start your game, to make sure that everything is working smoothly and properly optimized. .

App Tracking

Check which apps on your computer are consuming your bandwidth and limit their connection speed to maximize your game’s online performance.

Stealth Mode

Access all kinds of content and your favorite games from any country, with your own computer in stealth mode, which basically allows you to change your connection location to any country or region of your choice.